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Since our inception at Birmingham in 2006 until we start our journey to Adelaide with the unique British style curries, we are striving to provide the best quality of curries for our English customer. This tradition of curries evolved in the Indian subcontinent during the British of 17th to 19th centuries. We boast for all of our sauces which are made in house. Chunky chicken breast fillets which freshly made sauces give tangy taste to all of the dishes. Possibly we are the only place in Australia who are dedicated to maintain British style in our curries. We offer almost 243 different items to make your every meal enjoyable.

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Authentic British style Indian curry that tingles your taste-buds. An unforgettable experience.

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  1. Bombay Chicken

    $ 18.00

    Chicken cooked with a whole boiled egg & potato in a hot sauce (Madras hot).

  2. Chicken or Lamb Tikka Massalla

    $ 18.00

    Diced chicken or lamb cooked in a sauce made with a delicate blend of aromatic spices, herbs, ghee, cream & almond.

  3. Chicken / Lamb Tikka Jalfrezi (hot)

    $ 19.00

    Strips of tender chicken / lamb tossed with ginger,green chillies, tomato & fresh herbs, cooked in a hot & spicy sauce.

  4. Butter Chicken

    $ 19.00

    Barbecued chicken in delicate butter sauce with mixed nuts & cream.


  1. Chicken or lamb Tikka

    $ 16.50

    Diced boneless chicken or lamb pieces marinated in yoghurt with spices & roasted in Tandoori oven, served with fresh salad.

  2. Chicken or lamb Shashlik

    $ 18.00

    Tender chicken or lamb marinated in yoghurt with mild spices, grilled in a tandoori oven served with grilled fresh tomatoes, green peppers & salad.

  3. Tandoori Mixed Grill

    $ 22.00

    Chicken tikka, lamb tikka, tandoori chicken, sheek kebab & naan Bread served with fresh salad.

  4. Tandoori King Prawn (10 Pcs)

    $ 22.00

    Mustard & garlic flavoured king prawn dipped in spiced tandoori massala & grilled in tandoori oven.

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