Cannibals All! Or, Slaves without Masters (The John Harvard by George Fitzhugh, C. Vann Woodward PDF

By George Fitzhugh, C. Vann Woodward

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Cannibals All! obtained extra realization in William Lloyd Garrison's Liberator than the other e-book within the heritage of that abolitionist magazine. And Lincoln is related to were extra angered through George Fitzhugh than through the other pro-slavery author, but he unconsciously paraphrased Cannibals All! in his apartment Divided speech. Fitzhugh used to be provocative as a result of his stinging assault on unfastened society, laissez-faire financial system, and salary slavery, besides their philosophical underpinnings. He used socialist doctrine to guard slavery and drew upon an analogous proof Marx utilized in his indictment of capitalism. Socialism, he held, was once purely "the new stylish identify for slavery," even though slavery was once way more humane and accountable, "the most sensible and most typical type of socialism." His most well known testimony used to be offered via the abolitionists themselves. He combed the diatribes in their pals, the reformers, transcendentalists, and utopians, opposed to the social evils of the North. "Why all this," he requested, "except that loose society is a failure?" the difficulty begun, in accordance with Fitzhugh, with John Locke, "a presumptuous charlatan," and with the heresies of the Enlightenment. within the nice Lockean consensus that makes up American inspiration from Benjamin Franklin to Franklin Roosevelt, Fitzhugh for that reason stands proud as a lone dissenter who makes the traditional polarities among Jefferson and Hamilton, or Hoover and Roosevelt, appear insignificant. Beside him Taylor, Randolph, and Calhoun mix inconspicuously into the yankee consensus, all being apostles of John Locke in a point. An highbrow culture that suffers from uniformity--even whether it is virtuous, liberal conformity--could stand just a little distinction, and George Fitzhugh can provide extra of it than the other American philosopher.

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The negro men and stout boys work, on the average, in good weather, not more than nine hours a day. The balance of their time is spent in perfect abandon. Besides, they have their Sabbaths and holidays. White men, with so much of license and liberty, would die of ennui; but negroes luxuriate in corporeal and mental repose. With their faces upturned to the sun, they can sleep at any hour; and quiet sleep is the greatest of human enjoyments. " 'Tis happiness in itself - and results from contentment with the present, and confident assurance of the future.

One of your wants, without labor. Labor is indispensable to give value to property, and if you owned every thing else, and did not own labor, you would be poor. But fifty thousand dollars means, and is, fifty thousand dollars worth of slaves. You can command, without touching on that capital, three thousand dollars' worth of labor per annum. You could do no more were you to buy slaves with it, and then you would be cumbered with the cares of governing and providing for them. You are a slaveholder now, to the amount of fifty thousand dollars, with all the advantages, and none of the cares and responsibilities of a master.

58 There came a point, however, where Fitzhugh departed from the Aristotelian way. While man was social, he was not rational. He was, in fact, fundamentally irrational, guided not by reason but by instinct, custom, habit, and requiring tradition and religion and stable institutions to keep him in line. Fitzhugh held and often expressed a profound skepticism of all atomistic and rationalistic theories of human nature and a strong aversion to rationalistic philosophers. "Modem philosophy treats of men only as separate monads or individuals," he complained.

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