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By Simon Mellor-Clark, Yvonne Baker de Altamirano

ISBN-10: 1405009853

ISBN-13: 9781405009850

"Campaign" is an award-winning direction in English for the army. This student's publication includes devices that culminate in a task-based task which recycles the language and key talents taught. It comprises global English bins that reveal adjustments in vocabulary in numerous English-speaking nations.

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In the first place, many Englishmen desired an education in the practice of modern warfare, whether to prepare themselves for a soldierly career abroad, or as preparation against the dismal possibility that war would someday spread to England. They looked to military news to provide a good portion of this educational literature: For example, the author of a 1572 translation of an Italian report of the Turkish siege of Famagosta in Cyprus thought it would be ‘necessary to be knowen for divers of our Captaines and other our countreymen, which are ignoraunt in the Italian toung’.

64 Signs could deceive as fluently as words. Moreover, even where there was no intent to deceive, false news of victory could trigger a groundless thanksgiving. 66 Clearly, one army must have been mistaken. 67 The thanksgiving ritual was traditionally credible, perhaps even particularly credible, but it was by no means absolutely credible. Nevertheless, the thanksgiving itself, and the report of the thanksgiving, remained a basic guarantor of the credibility of military news. The examples above, largely drawn from reports in the English news circuits of rituals performed in the Netherlands, demonstrate that ritual directed information beyond the community as well as within it – not as credibly, since the message of iden- 30 Credibility in Elizabethan and Early Stuart Military News tity was lacking, but with all the credibility that observation of somebody else’s ritual actions could instil.

The lad, in a series of letters to his father, was a participant in the prolonged and ghastly comic guessing-game: is Tilly really dead? Englishmen were eager to hear that the renowned Catholic general was truly defunct, and they reported each rumour of his death eagerly. 33 Tilly actually did die in April 1632; but this is no proof that the news was getting any more accurate, only that Tilly was mortal, and that his actual death was bound to coincide with some oral rumour of his death. 34 For oral military news was still tight-tied to its Janus-face, oral military rumour.

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