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By Sheila Jeffreys

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Should western attractiveness practices, starting from lipstick to labiaplasty, be integrated in the United countries understandings of damaging traditional/cultural practices? through studying the function of universal attractiveness practices in destructive the well-being of girls, developing sexual distinction, and imposing girl deference, this ebook argues that they should.

In the Seventies feminists criticized pervasive good looks regimes resembling weight loss diet and depilation, yet a few ‘new’ feminists argue that attractiveness practices aren't any longer oppressive now that ladies can ‘choose’ them. despite the fact that, within the final twenty years the brutality of western attractiveness practices turns out to became even more serious, requiring the breaking of dermis, spilling of blood and rearrangement or amputation of physique components. Beauty and Misogyny seeks to make feel of why good looks practices aren't basically simply as continual, yet in lots of methods extra severe. It examines the pervasive use of make-up, the misogyny of favor and high-heeled footwear, and appears on the position of pornography within the production of more and more well known good looks practices similar to breast implants, genital waxing and surgical alteration of the labia. It appears to be like on the plastic surgery and physique piercing/cutting industries as being types of self-mutilation through proxy, within which the surgeons and piercers function proxies to hurt women’s our bodies, and concludes through contemplating how a tradition of resistance to those practices may be created.

This crucial paintings will entice scholars and lecturers of feminist psychology, gender reviews, cultural experiences, and feminist sociology at either undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, and to someone with an curiosity in feminism, ladies and wonder, and women’s health.

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M A K E U P A N D T H E V E I L : S A M E D I F F E R EN C E ? Rather than being two sides of the same coin of women's oppression, the veil and makeup are most usually seen as opposites. Makeup can even be seen as the liberated alternative to wearing the veil. Whereas there is apparently a difference, that is, respectable women in Islamic culture are expected to cover their heads and bodies so that men are not sexually tempted, while in the west women are expected to dress and makeup in such a way that men are sexually tempted and to create a feast for men's eyes, there can be seen to be a connection.

Women were offered the role of being covered in makeup and sexually objecti®ed, rather than covered by the burkha to prevent them being seen as sex objects by men. The New York Times perspective on this is that despite two decades of war, ``Afghan women have held on to their desire to look beautiful'', but there is a ``woeful shortage of beauticians. Also, they have no one to teach them and nowhere to lay their hands on a decent comb, let alone the panoply of gels, rinses, powders, liners and colors that spill from the shelves of the average American drugstore'' (Halb®nger, 2002, p.

I would argue, however, that western feminist criticisms of harmful cultural practices in other cultures need to be founded on a profound critique of such practices within their own. Nussbaum's arguments as to why dieting should not be compared with FGM are not convincing. Western dieting in¯icts lasting damage to health, particularly when it is taken to extremes in eating disorders that can cause death. , 2001, p. 1254). Similarly, cosmetic surgery practices can lead to serious health problems, as Elizabeth Haiken documents in the case of breast implants (1997).

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