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By Olga Ladyzhenskaya

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This e-book offers a diffusion of the hugely profitable lectures given via Professor Ladyzhenskaya on the collage of Rome, 'La Sapienza', lower than the auspices of the Accademia dei Lencei. The lectures have been dedicated to questions of the behaviour of trajectories for semi-groups of non-linear bounded non-stop operators in a in the neighborhood non-compact metric house and for recommendations of summary evolution equations. The latter include many limitations worth difficulties for partial differential equations of a dissipative kind. Professor Ladyzhenskaya used to be an the world over well known mathematician and her lectures attracted huge audiences. those notes replicate the excessive calibre of her lectures and will turn out crucial analyzing for an individual drawn to partial differential equations and dynamical structures.

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A < m2(s, a:)lIil1lx. 18k) the main a priori estimates: \\t1(t)\\x. < m3(s, a:)e-at\\u(O)\\x. ' e- a ('-T)lIg(T)II,dT , 1It1(t)llx. < m3(s, a:)e- lIt llu(O)llx. 11). The explicit dependence of mk(·) on s and on a is not important for us. 6) enable us to choose a positive and deduce that, for an arbitrary s E R, lIit(t)llx. tends to zero when t -+ +00. (b) when a tends to zero, Jll(a), m(a) and mk(s,a) tend to 1. 11 ). 11) a function it: R -+ Xr for which all projections (uo(t), ¢k), (Ul (t), ¢k), k 1,2, ...

T)lIull~,. 30) k=1 for any u E HI, where Sk < 0, hI, h,,. E L 1 ,loc(R) and h,,. (t) > 0, hI (t) > hI > O. 29). Explicitly, ifpn is an orthogonal projector on the span {4>1, ... , 4>n}, where 4>. ) . ) < SPn A', if s < 0, if s > O. (t) SPn A''', m Sk < O. 32) k=1 For the class of problems under consideration (problems of parabolic type), the solutions Uk(t) = U(t)Uk(O), Uk(O) E H, for almost all t E R+ lie in HI, Iluk( r)llrdr < +00 and Uk E C(R+, H). 32). 33) h•• (T)dTSPn A"} 32 Attractors for the semigroups of operators for all t E R+.

Is a fixed element of Lp,loc(R, X,) Otu(t) = au(t) + g(t) , t1lt=o = with p > 1 and s E R, and u(t) (:~~g) is function we seek. 11) in the space X, for an arbitrary ~ EX,. The main energy relation for the problem is 2 2 . 21 dtd lI u(t)llx. 10) when a = O. 12) it is easy to estimate lIu(t)lIx. through II~II~. e. when g(t) 0) and the boundedness of 1I11(t)lIx. on the semi-axis t E R+ in the general case if SUPtER IIg(t)II, < +00. This can be proved by different means. One of them is to develop the solution 11(t) in a Fourier series by the eigenelements of the operator a.

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