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Scientific concept, to be potent, needs to supply psychoanalytic practitioners with a framework and a psychological area that takes under consideration the "disturbance within the analytic box" that neccesarily take place through the paintings in growth. on account that Freud there was no psychoanalytic institution of inspiration that has been in a position to handle the world of phantasm, images,and physically sensations including the stipulations that open the sphere of speakable wish. The paintings of the topic presents this detailed theoretical house by means of weaving jointly, for the 1st time, Winnicott's (British university) concentrate on the need of phantasm and Lacan's (French college) emphasis at the restrict that makes subjectivity attainable. And as is right of the method of psychoanalysis itself, the single plus one among Winnicott and Lacan yields right here a potentiating "third" from which clean and colourful facets of the analytic matrix emerge and are voiced.

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Alternatively, or sometimes in addition to black holes , infants for whom the infantile environment is traumatically impinging and/or severely neglecting, versus being "good enough," may develop a somewhat hard and brittle "second skin" in a protective effort not to fall into one of these traumatic holes . Since this "second skin" (Bick 1 968, p. 484) has a rigid and impenetrable character, although it offers psychic protection, such a skin severely limits what internal experience can be expressed and what external expenence of the object world can be taken in (Anzieu 1990, Tustin 1 990) .

Under what Winnicott would call "good enough" mothering, these missed moments are not sub­ stantially psychically damaging to the baby. Some infants, however, have much more than the ordinary misses Wlth mOther to contend with. For in­ stance, infant Sam had a mOther who was overwhelmed by the demands of her infant and her other child, a 4-year-old. MOther was in an on-again, off-again hypervigilant state that left her exhausted. Infant Sam began to show possible signs of defensive holding very early on.

Paradoxically, I would say that the superimposition of the work of both Lacan and Green upon the framework and process of infant observa­ tion provides a clarification and elucidation of their respective theoretical contributions . For instance , Lacan's articulation of the Symbolic Third, within his three interlocking registers of the Real, the Imaginary, and the Symbolic, describes factors observable in mother-infant relations. But it is equally important for its utility in organizing the subJ ective experience of the observation within the observer's own self.

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