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Monitoring stations sighting and issue con- turns. Vision at the crew instruments The instruments the spacecraft devices t orientation Cosmonaut's craft signals Vision are located velocity. rotation the spacecraft two gyros. ent rotatio_ to the spacecraft Onboard ring are electronic/gyroscopic facilities and two cormmand-sig- nal devices and the DV instrument board are used during the A_CS operation. Sg_uz docking The main outside targets orbit-deployed of the orbital It comprises is the target the base base.

Each pressure tem. suit Should is ventilated system If necessary, provides pressure by the spacecraft as deactivation automatic. fail, onboard another suits. with gas mixture system. of the gas mixture operations sys- of both pressure can be ventilated of pressure These system ventilating suits The activation well by its ventilation one of the DV ventilation ventilation supplied separately supply system suit ventilation can be performed as systems are manually as well. The pressure in the Orbital _odule; suits are ventilated systems used installed for the suits phases: suit donning during with drying.

34 - an- by astronauts or tefrom transfers; automatics equipment with for it; the communication transferred system colour hatch. Module: - compatible and cine and photography The instrumentation mission VHP transceiver; lights windows. Module. 8 m is connecting consists panel, with of on the launch - additional Special con- mechanism as well box for connecting levision Apollo docking systems. and autonomous - junction diameter two viewing Vehicle, in the Orbital tennas mechanism is a hatch Apollo/Soyuz - transponder to provide of the support in the Orbital is provided has of the module of the main also located docking the spacecraft The interior equipment module and the Descent and a "Sofa", of two hemispheres a cross-sectional is in the cover bital Module consists peripheral On it.

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