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By Robert Godwin

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Contains the whole group of Apollo 11’s own observations upon returning to earth.

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13 LAUNCH PREPARATION Aligning the platform before lift-off was complicated by the limited number of stars available. Because of sun and earth interference, only two detents effectively remained from which to select stars. Accuracy is greater for stars close to the center of the field, but none were available at this location. A gravity/one-star alignment was successfully performed. A manual averaging technique was used to sample five successive cursor readings and then five spiral readings. The result was then entered into the computer.

The manual landing phase P66 is initiated when the crew changes the position of the primary guidance mode control switch from automatic to attitude-hold and then actuates the rate-of-descent control switch. Vehicle attitude changes are then controlled manually by the crew, the descent engine throttle is under computer control, and the Commander can introduce 1-ft/sec increments in the descent rate using the rate-of-descent switch. Throughout the descent, maximum use was made onboard, as well as on the ground, of all data, system responses, and cues, based on vehicle position with respect to designated lunar features, to assure proper operation of the onboard systems.

7-mile in range. The inertial measurement unit was aligned optically for the first time, and the resulting gyro torquing angles were well within the platform drift criteria for a satisfactory primary system. Descent orbit insertion was performed on time approximately 8 minutes after loss of Network line-of-sight. Table 5-II contains the trajectory information on descent orbit insertion, as reported by the crew following acquisition of signal on revolution 14. A relatively large Z-axis residual for the abort guidance system was caused by an incorrectly loaded target vector.

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