Aerospace Software Engineering - A Collection of Concepts by C. Anderson, M. Dorfman PDF

By C. Anderson, M. Dorfman

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ISBN-13: 9781601192530

This e-book brings you the data of a few of the best software program engineers on the earth in one quantity. this article is a necessary advisor for the aerospace application supervisor who needs to care for software program as a part of the final approach and a helpful replace for the working towards software program engineer.
- information and data showing during this e-book are for informational reasons in basic terms. AIAA and the writer are usually not accountable for any damage or harm due to use or reliance, nor do AIAA and the writer warrant that use or reliance could be loose from privately owned rights.

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U R nation's defense contractors are developing and delivering weapon systems containing sophisticated computer subsystems. Several of these systems are being delivered within tight budget and schedule constraints imposed by the government. This is the exception rather than the rule. We as a nation need to learn some lessons from the good and not so good experiences in delivering mission critical computer systems and change the O Copyright © 1990 by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc.

The AGM-86 software development methods and practices included two positive elements: 1) a detailed Computer Program Development Plan (CPDP) and 2) the selection and disciplined application of state-of-the-art software design, test, and configuration control standards. The successful implementation of both concepts was due largely to early recognition by the customer and AGM-86 project management of the importance of software to the success of the AGM-86 system. This accommodated an environment of evolving system requirements and hardware interfaces.

An essential ingredient was dedication to the CPDP by the customer, Boeing management and the software engineering personnel. The approach provided a high degree of visibility of each detailed commitment to all levels of project management. D. DOE commitment was measurable. This high-visibility level not only minimized "surprise" status reporting, but also established credibility when substantiation was required for hardware and personnel resources. Engineering organization boundaries were defined such that the requirements definition and validation/acceptance test phases were each performed by independently staffed engineering groups, separate from the software design group.

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