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06 for C2 H2 − N2 . 05. In general, one can say that the Boussinesq approximation is valid for small initial fractional density difference, Δρ0 /ρ∞ << 1. However, in these cases of invalid Boussinesq approximation a density equation must be used. Moreover, a discussion of this classification is given by (Spiegel & Veronis, 1960); and 2 20 Mass Advanced Topics in MassTransfer Transfer the non-Boussinesq plume was studied, for example, in (Woods, 1997) and (Carlotti & Hunt, 2005). The integral method was used by (Agrawal & Prasad, 2003) to derive similarity solutions for several quantities of interest including the cross-stream velocity, Reynolds stress, the dominant turbulent kinetic energy production term, and eddy diffusivities of momentum and heat for axisymmetric and planar turbulent jets, plumes, and wakes.

10. Radial profiles of the normalized mean density deficiency for He − Air jet at several axial locations. Dots refer to experimental results (Panchapakesan & Lu, 1993) at axial locations from z/d=50 to 120. 11 indicates that as Froude number decreases and the distance from source increases the spreading rate increases and therefore the outward velocity increases. 6 Selected turbulent quantities In this section, we determine some of the most important turbulent quantities such as Reynolds stress, velocity-concentration correlation, etc.

1963). The size of flames from natural fires, 9th Symposium on Combustion, 844-859. Townsend, A. A. (1966). The mechanism of entrainment in free turbulent flows, J. Fluid Mechanics 26: 689–715. Turner, J. S. (1973). Buoyancy effects in fluids, Cambridge Univ. Press, London. Turner, J. S. (1986). Turbulent entrainment: The development of the entrainment assumption, and its application to geophysical flows, J. Fluid Mech 173: 431–471. , Bhat, G. S. & Narasimha, R. (1999). Experiments on plume with off-source heating: Implications for cloud fluid dynamics, J.

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