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By way of aiming the extent of writing on the amateur instead of the gourmand and via stressing the function of examples and motivation, the writer has produced a textual content that's appropriate for a one-semester graduate path or for self-study.

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According to Abdesselam and Chipalkatti [4], another precursor of diagrammatic methods was the invariant theory discrete combinatorial structures introduced by Cayley [50], Sylvester [322], and Clifford [61, 183], reintroduced in a modern, diagrammatic notation by Olver and Shakiban [265, 266]. In his 1841 fundamental paper [167] on the determinants today known as “Jacobians,” Jacobi initiated the theory of irreps of the symmetric group Sk . Schur used the Sk irreps to develop the representation theory of GL(n; C) in his 1901 dissertation [307], and already by 1903 the Young tableaux [358, 339] (discussed here in chapter 9) came into use as a powerful tool for reduction of both Sk and GL(n; C) representations.

Hermitian conjugation is effected by complex conjugation and index transposition: edc ∗ (h† )ab cde ≡ (hba ) . 10); transposition reverses their order. A matrix is hermitian if its elements satisfy (M† )ab = Mba . 22) For a hermitian matrix there is no need to keep track of the relative ordering of indices, as M b a = (M† )b a = M a b . Definition. a2 a1 . 23) Combined, the above definitions lead to the hermitian conjugation rule for collective indices: a collective index is raised or lowered by interchanging the upper and lower indices and reversing their order: α = a1 a2 .

Furthermore, the infinitesimal generators Dba must belong to at least one of the irreducible subspaces of V ⊗ V¯ . This subspace is called the adjoint space, and its special role warrants introduction of special notation. 10). We shall denote its dimension by N , label its tensor indices by i, j, k . , denote the corresponding Kronecker delta by a thin, straight line, j, δij = i i, j = 1, 2, . . 28) and the corresponding clebsches by a 1 (CA )i , ab = √ (Ti )ab = i a b a, b = 1, 2, . . , n i = 1, 2, .

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