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Entries left blank have no change in the relevant cell. Phonetic values of the initial consonants are indicated where this may not be obvious. morphosyntactic triggers including many function words (prepositions, possessive markers, articles with following feminine nouns), word-internally with various prefixes and in compounds, and (in the case of lenition) by various syntactic environments such as the initial consonant of an NP following another NP (Harlow, 1981). Many treatments and descriptions of the mutation system of Welsh have been published – Lieber (1987), Harlow (1989), and Thorne (1993) are just three examples, though the most complete analysis is probably still Morgan (1952).

3 Assuming this is the correct characterization of English comparative formation, we can characterize the base to which the comparative affix 3 One class of adjectives that do not admit of comparative affixation are participles. Thus more known, but ∗ knowner. The other class of prima facie exceptions to the generalization are adjectives prefixed with un- such as unhappier. Note that the interpretation of unhappier is the same as that of more unhappy, suggesting that -er is attached outside unhappy.

Iambic feet include disyllables with a short vowel followed by either a long or short vowel (bilam, anaa), and monosyllables with either a long vowel (dii) or a closed syllable with VC (sik). If the word is a single foot, as in the case of bilam “fish” or dii “snake” the affix is merely a suffix; otherwise the affix attaches to the first foot, as in liima “lemon”. As with Bontoc, Ulwa infixation can be factored into two components, the first of which introduces a marker into the relevant postfoot position, the second of which transduces that marker to the relevant infixes.

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A Finite Element Implementation of Mooney-Rivlin's Strain Energy Function In Abaqus by Dettmar J.

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