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By Brian H Bowditch

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This quantity is meant as a self-contained advent to the elemental notions of geometric crew idea, the most principles being illustrated with numerous examples and workouts. One target is to set up the rules of the speculation of hyperbolic teams. there's a short dialogue of classical hyperbolic geometry, with the intention to motivating and illustrating this.

The notes are according to a path given through the writer on the Tokyo Institute of expertise, meant for fourth yr undergraduates and graduate scholars, and will shape the foundation of an analogous path in other places. Many references to extra subtle fabric are given, and the paintings concludes with a dialogue of assorted parts of modern and present research.

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Prove Proposition 1. 2. Prove Proposition 4. 3. Let A be any element of with ~(n) det A -1. Show that = ~(n) - SO(n) 4. Show that any element of (cos 8 -sin 8 5. A E If A E and U(n) ).. E C [BA I B SO(2) E SO(n)} . can be written as sin 8) cos 8 has length one, show that U(n) 6. Let LI that reflection in and L2 LI be lines through the origin in followed by reflection in L2 and L2 rotation through twice the angle between 7. A matrix A E Show that the image of set of A Mn(F) ~n LI 2 Show equals a is said to be idempotent if under P AA = A .

Pn be a unit vector in pn and let uJ. 01 be its orthogonal comp1ement. The projection of a vector uJ. is to be v-ru to be chosen so that So 0 = (v-ru,u) = where v-ru v r into is R E is in (v,U) - r(u,u) uJ. and thus r = (v,U) . ~). to Lot A is to be v - 2(v,u)u . with Choose an orthonorma1 basis using this basis, the ref1ection uJ. " A ,iven by ,"nding is orthogonal. So 32 is the reflection relative to our standard basis given by Conversely we see that such a matrix represents a reflection in the orthogonal complement of the vector In 2 " the unit vector let u Then elA.

E. = 0 . X. d. U(n) and Sp(n) for small is the set of all real numbers of length one, so ~(l) n. unit length. sI. Sp(l) ~(l) (l,-l) . is just the set of all comp1ex numbers of length one. the circ1e group E. A) ~ J J ~ Then consider E ~(n) This is is the group of all quaternions of If we define I} to be the unit (k-1)-sphere we see that ~(l) = SO, U(l) = SI ,Sp(l) S3. It is an interesting fact that these are the on1y spheres which can be groups. proposition 6: If k E (P,cl and (det A)(det A) A E = 1 .

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